Deadlines for completion and submission of General Register of Employees – 2024

According to article 34 paragraph 7 of Law 53/2003 – Labour Code, every employer in Romania is obliged to establish a general register of employees in electronic format.

The normative act that regulates the general register of employees is H.G. no. 905/2007.

In the following, we will remind you of the restricted deadlines for completing, modifying and transmitting the elements of the employment relationship in the register:


At the latest on the day before the beginning of the activity, the data of the persons who are going to be in an employment relationship with the employer on the basis of an individual employment contract shall be transmitted;

These data are filled in the register in the order of employment, they are: identification data of the employees, starting/starting date, function, type of contract, norm, duration, basic gross monthly salary.


  1 day before, for modification of the:

  • Function;
  • Type of individual employment contract;
  • Duration of the individual employment contract;
  • Duration of working time and its distribution;
  • Detention;
  • Suspension


Within 3 working days from the date of publication of the amendment of the :

  • Employer identification data;
  • Employee identification data;
  • Unjustified absences.


  Within 20 working days for modification of the:

  • Gross basic monthly salary, allowances, bonuses and allowances.


  Within 5 working days:

  • From the date of transfer;
  • From the date of takeover by transfer.


   At the latest on the date of the event: within 5 working days

  • Date and legal basis of the termination of the individual employment contract.


Any correction of errors occurring in the completion of the register shall be made on the date on which the employer became aware of them.

Failure to submit the data referred to above shall constitute an offence and shall be punishable by a fine.


The employer is solely responsible for the accuracy of the data submitted in the register.