Audit Services

Teaha Management Consulting offers integrated audit services (financial audit, financial due diligence, internal audit) of the information contained in the financial or non-financial statements. We are valued by our partners particularly for our technical knowledge, for the independence of our consultants, and for the support we offer companies in order to improve their operations and their internal controls. We are often requested to give advice to increase the profitability of our business partners by reducing costs, by diminishing the number of errors and frauds and by improving operational efficiency.

The audit procedures that we initiate on our Clients’ request are based on international audit standards and are complying with the legal provisions in the respective field.

Based on our experience and expertise in audit services, we have the required capacity to fulfil any financial audit mission, according to professional standards such as: IFRS, German GAAP, Austrian GAAP, Romanian GAAP or rules that are specific for a company group.

We provide the full range of audit services, such as:

  • Full audit of individual and consolidated financial statements
  • Limited financial audit
  • Financial due diligence
  • Assistance in drafting the individual or consolidated financial statements
  • Audit of financial statements of publicly listed companies
  • Internal audit

The financial audit is the examination conducted by financial auditors, in order to issue an opinion on the financial statements based on the audit standards, harmonized with the international audit standards and adopted by the Romanian Chamber of Financial Auditors, hereinafter named the Chamber.

Individual or corporate financial auditors who are members of the Romanian Chamber of Financial Auditors may perform the following activities:

  • financial audit;
  • internal audit;
  • financial-accounting and tax consultancy;
  • financial-accounting management;
  • professional training in the financial and accounting field;
  •  chartered accountant reports;
  • valuation activities;
  • insolvency, restructuring and winding-up procedures.