Financial and Tax Consultancy Services

We offer a wide range of strategic financial and tax consultancy services and our specialists conduct a financial and fiscal analysis of all opportunities and risks the Client-company may be facing. We make available to the Client-company the professional experience and expertise acquired during over 25 years of activity, consisting in successful assistance of dozens of local and international companies.

Some of the financial and tax consultancy services are:

  • Consultancy on the opportunity of starting a business in Romania
  • Consultancy on the tax registration procedures for companies
  • Consultancy on the set-up and management of a company (organisational charts, structures, defining functions)
  • Elaboration of procedures and internal rules regarding the main business field and the secondary activities
  • Consultancy regarding the tax on profit: Objectives, local and international aspects, deductibility of different types of expenses
  • Company registration (by a law firm)
  • Provide up-to-date information regarding the evolution of the business environment in Romania and the changes of legislation
  • Assistance and consultancy at negotiations with the Romanian Authorities
  • Professional assistance during the controls carried out by the Romanian financial authorities
  • Up-dates on the Romanian legislation
  • Drafting different sample contracts, decisions and decisions of the General Shareholders Meeting (AGA)
  • Assistance during the re-organization, sales-purchase or merger
  • Analysis and interpretation of the indicators and financial statements
  • Consultancy regarding the tax legislation and the tax assessment of foreign non-residents.
  • Assistance in inventory activities.