Accounting Services

One of the basic services offered by Teaha Management Consulting focuses on accounting activities and any person familiar with the advantages of externalised accounting services will appreciate it. Our offer includes a wide range of services, from costs accounting to financial accounting, accounting consultancy up to balance sheet accounting.

We provide:

  • Full accounting services according to the local and international regulations
  • Elaboration and submission of tax statements, according to the legal provisions
  • Consultancy and assistance on every accounting topic
  • Elaboration and submission of the tax statements to be handed over to the Tax Offices
  • Consultancy regarding the organisation of balance sheet accounting and costs accounting, according to the legal provisions
  • Train the employees on the way in which supporting documents should be issued, as well as on their flow
  • Assistance for selecting the appropriate accounting software based on the company’s business line and the Client’s needs
  • Certification of financial reports
  • Periodical verification of the Client’s accounting records
  • Drawing up annual and biannual financial statements
  • Drawing up and sending the monthly reports to the Clients, based on their needs
  • Drawing up and sending the Intrastat statements
  • Submitting reports regarding foreign credits to the National Bank of Romania
  • Update the company information with the competent Tax Authority
    Obtain Tax clearance certificates

We obviously undertake the responsibility for the correctness of our records and for compliance with the tax statements submission deadlines or the fulfilment of other obligations in relation to the State Authorities.

  • Take properly organized documents from the CLIENT until the 15th day of the following month; Record the primary documents (cash register, received invoices, statements of accounts, bank statements); Draw up, update and record the off-balance-sheet accounts, based on Excel spreadsheets; Record the fixed assets, amortisations and draft the fixed assets balance; Undertake the monthly closing of accounts; Verify the trial balance, with the salaries, fixed assets, materials modules; Verify the VAT records;
  • Calculation and recording of revenues and VAT; Calculation of the withholding tax on the revenues obtained by non-resident suppliers;
  • Print the company specific registers: the cash register, the bank register, the VAT records, the accounting journal and the analytical account balance;
  • Issuing and sending the payment orders to the CLIENT; Regular information in German language on the various changes in the tax legislation; Quarterly filling in of the tax registers; Quarterly filling of the tax  registers; Annual filling in of the Inventory; Drafting and submitting Statement no. 100 – “Statement regarding the payment obligations to the State Budget”; Drafting and submitting  of Statement no. 300 – “VAT Return Statement”; Drafting and submitting the Statement regarding the Environmental Fund Tax for Packaging;
  • Drafting and submitting the Quarterly Statement no. 390 – “Summary account statement on the intra-community supply/acquisition of goods;
  • Drafting and submitting the half-yearly Statement no. 394 – “Information statement regarding the delivery of goods/the provision of services and the acquisitions performed on the national territory”; Drafting and submitting the annual Statement no. 101 – “Statement regarding the tax on profit”;
  • Drafting and submitting the annual Statement no.  205 – “Information statement regarding the withholding tax for revenue beneficiaries”; Drafting and submitting the „Annual turnover statement”;
  • Printing and submitting to the CLIENT a monthly trial balance, containing the account balances of clients and suppliers;
  • Draw up the annual balance-sheet, including the Decision of the General Shareholders Meeting, of the Management Report and the Administrator’s Statement;
  • Draw up the forecast supply balance; File and Preserve the documents for the last 3 months.