HR & Payroll

Staff management requires time, costs and trained employees. The outsourcing of these services ensures the performance of specific HR activities, in accordance with the legislation in force, bringing major benefits in terms of cost savings and guaranteeing correct entries made by qualified personnel. We offer staff management services, starting from the preparation of employment contracts, job descriptions, various certificates, management of personnel files, registration of employees in Revisal (Employee Record Directory), ensuring the relationship with the Territorial Labour Inspectorate, assistance with controls carried out by the competent state bodies, advisory services on various issues relating to human resources and labour laws.

Payroll requires precision, confidentiality of employee data and fast processing capacity.

Payroll outsourcing is the best solution for companies, because it provides compliance with legislative requirements, correct processing of employees’ salaries, preparation of necessary documents, specific advisory, having the advantage of eliminating costs with specialised human resources and complicated software.

Our experienced payroll specialists can provide the necessary support and assistance for the payroll and staff management activity. The high confidentiality standards regarding the payroll services offered by our company are also a plus. By outsourcing payroll and staff management services, you will avoid the frequent errors that are made in the implementation of legal provisions, thus preventing unpleasant consequences: fines, financial loss, labour conflicts or endless lawsuits. A quick, easy, accurate payroll process, in accordance with the legislation in force, which leads to optimised human resources management, is a necessity for your business. We offer optimal, flexible payroll services, supported by employment experts and specialists, tailored to the specifics of your company.

Payroll administration

  • Monthly payroll calculation, based on the information contained in the individual labour agreements, the monthly time sheets and other documents made available by the Client;
  • Draw up the following monthly reports:

                              – Standard or customised payroll

                              – Salary report based on cost centres

                              – Summary report on social contributions

                              – Net salaries report (for on-line payments)

Monthly statements

Draw up and submit the 112 monthly statement regarding the salary contributions.


Prepare the monthly salary slips.

Drawing up debt recovery claims

Draw up and submit with the Health Insurance Fund the files for the recovery of the holiday compensation, social and health insurance amounts.

Online salary payment

Upon request, online payment of salaries through the banking application selected by the Client or the transmission to the Client of information regarding the amounts payable for salaries.

Online payment of salary contributions

Upon request, online payment of salary contributions through the banking application selected by the Client or submitting to the Client the information regarding the salary contributions amounts.

Holiday leave reports

Draw up reports regarding the employees’ holiday leave.

Services related to the drafting of individual labour agreements

Drafting and management of individual labour agreements from the moment of employment until contract termination. The standard template issued by the Labour Ministry or the Client’s own template will be used, based on the Client’s internal policies and the information provided, according to the legal provisions.

Services related to the drafting of amendments to the individual labour agreements

Draft the addenda based on the modifications to the clauses of the individual labour agreements, as supplied by the Client, according to the legal provisions.

Draft the decisions of termination or suspension of the individual labour agreements, based on the information supplied by the Client, according to the legal provisions. Draft the employee departure clearance forms. Draft certifications regarding the length of service within the company.

Revisal – the Employee Record Directory

Complete and record all information regarding the conclusion, amendment or termination of individual labour agreements through the online application of the Labour Inspection, according to the legal provisions.

Representing the Client in dealing with the Authorities

The Client is represented in the relationship with the State Authorities (The Territorial Labour Inspection, The Pensions Fund, The Health Insurance Fund, The Unemployment Agency), in case of a control initiated by these authorities.

Other documents

Draft the certifications on employees’ activity, certifications requested by authorities or banks.

Job descriptions

Draw up job descriptions based on the information received from the Client.

Internal Rules

Drawing up the Internal Rules.

Collective Labour Agreement at company level

Draw up the Collective Labour Agreement at company level.

Disciplinary proceedings

Draw up the documents required in case of disciplinary proceedings regarding the employees.

Obtaining the A1 and S1 portable documents

Undertake all formalities in order to have the portable documents A1 and S1 issued, in case of employees’ secondment to other EU member states.

Human Resources audit involves a set of information collection activities through which the compliance of staff management activities is verified.

Human Resources audit services are addressed to companies that have chosen not to outsource the staff management service, but want to prevent possible fines from the Territorial Labour Inspectorate.

Audit of personnel files

  • Verify all personnel files and the correctness of documents related to the employment relations;
  • Generate a status report;
  • Propose a plan of measures to remedy deficiencies.

Audit  of payroll

  • Verify the payrolls over a period of 3 years and the documents on which the payroll calculation is based;
  • Draw up the analysis report post verification;
  • Submit a plan of measures to remedy deficiencies.