Employer import in Revisal application

For the individual import of the register database of a specific employer, use the “Import employer” option in the “Tools” tab, subsection “current employer”.

Select, from the location where it was saved, the export folder of the employer you want to import and press the “OK” button.

If there is already in the application an employer with the same identification data (CUI / CIF / CNP or name/surname) identical to those present in the file to be imported, the application displays an information message.

If you want to overwrite the information press the YES button, otherwise press the NO button.

If the option to overwrite information has been chosen or if no such selection has been made (the imported employer’s register is not present in the Revisal database), the application displays an information message.


For a database corresponding to an employer’s register to be successfully imported into Revisal, it must have the standard format generated by the application, namely a file with the alphanumeric name of the form “988eb736-df85-4f92-9844-4df7b2bfccee” containing .db files. Such a database, in valid format for employer import, can be obtained by performing an “Export employer.