ANAF press release: Online programming – a new electronic service available to taxpayers

The Ministry of Public Finance, collaborated, through the National Center for Financial Information, and ANAF in the development and implementation of a new electronic service: Online Programming, through which taxpayers can be programmed online for a meeting with a tax inspector

How to access the service?

The online programming service is available on the website, under the section Online services, position 5, where taxpayers can schedule both for the meeting with an ANAF inspector, and for the online visual identification in order to approve the registration in the Virtual Private Space

Thus, natural and legal taxpayers can be scheduled online at the headquarters of the County Administrations of Public Finance and at the Administrations of districts 1 – 6 of Public Finance.

Depending on the fiscal problem, the taxpayers will be met by fiscal officials depending on the selected field, which belongs to the following structures within the fiscal units:

*           tax returns natural persons;

*           tax returns legal persons;

*           payer evidence natural persons;

*           payer evidence legal persons;

*           approvals and authorizations (cash registers);

*           foreclosure natural persons;

*           foreclosure legal persons;

*           fiscal record;

*           taxpayer assistance;

*           avoidance of double taxation


The service is made available to taxpayers to resolve issues that do not require much time to resolve. The time allocated to each appointment is a maximum of 30 minutes.

If the taxpayers are late or do not show up according to the schedule, they will be taken over within the time allocated to them (within 30 minutes)

Given the pandemic context, taxpayers’ access will be allowed only after the thermometry operation has been performed and only if they wear a protective mask (covering the mouth and nose). In a situation where the taxpayers do not meet these conditions, they will be informed that the meeting is canceled and that it is necessary to reprogram it in compliance with the above mentioned conditions.

The Ministry of Public Finance (MFP) aims to develop a fair partnership between the National Agency for Fiscal Administration and taxpayers, by providing complete, modern and accessible services. In this context, MFP, through the National Center for Financial Information (CNIF), and ANAF collaborate permanently in order to implement electronic services meant to facilitate the fulfillment of the declarative and payment obligations of the taxpayers.