Teaha – Speaker at Tax&Finance Forum, 3rd edition, Athenee Palace Hilton

Corneliu-Teofil Teaha, general manager of  Teaha Management Consulting, was invited to take part as Speaker at the Tax&Finance Forum, 3rd edition, an event organized by Business Mark with the help of the Chamber of Tax Consultants, on the 6th and 7th of May in Bucharest, Hotel Athenee Palace Hilton.

In the presence of over 100 specialists from the business and financial domain, Teaha spoke about the impact of the tax system on the business environment in an altogether original manner, as he approached the subject both from a tax payer’s perspective and from an entrepreneur’s point of view.

For 15 minutes, Teaha presented the participants a list of tax deficiencies according to a concept designed by him and called ”The Pentalogue of the Romanian Tax System”: The pentalogue of the deficiencies in the Romanian tax system

  1. There is NO long-term strategy
  2. There is NO stability
  3. There is NO intention of “tax education”
  4. It is NOT positive, but rather punitive
  5. It is NOT entirely transparent










“Romania works but not really. The Romanian tax system has multiple deficiencies. When the fiscal code was prepared, there was no long-term strategy envisaged that might have been accepted by everybody. There is no stability. I’ve read in the news that the Fiscal Code has been modified 120 times during the last 10 years. By comparison, the last modification took place in April 2015 in Germany, while the previous one was made in April 2013. It is obvious that there is a far greater stability. Apart from that, in Romania there is no intention of fiscal education. Our tax system does not have a constructive and positive character, but a rather punitive one, as no measures have been taken to encourage the persons who pay taxes to do it with a minimum of comfort” stated Corneliu- Teofil Teaha.

”People do not understand why they pay taxes, as long as our educational and health systems have reached rock bottom, we are short of highways etc. What happens after all with the money we pay?”, mentioned Corneliu-Teofil Teaha.

”Our tax authorities have recently conducted a campaign under the title <<Romania works with your taxes>>. I think the right title would be ”Romania fails to work with your taxes”, declared Corneliu-Teofil Teaha, General Manager of Teaha Management Consulting, in the first day of the event Tax & finance Forum, 3rd edition.

The event took place on the 6th and 7th of May 2015 and it focused on discussing both legal modifications and new tax coordinates. It reunited more than 100 specialists from various industries, apart from 10 speakers who accepted the invitation of Business Mark to participate and share their opinions on the present tax context of Romania.

The forum is an occasion for analysis and debate on the Romanian tax system and it brings together representatives of the Finance Ministry and of the biggest consulting companies, as well as financial experts and decision makers from the financial and accounting departments of the most important companies that are present on the Romanian market.

The event was organized by Business Mark with the support of the Chamber of Tax Consultants.

Business Mark is a company offering integrated B2B strategy services and it offers its clients complex development models, by bringing them in touch directly with the business environment and creating opportunities of strategic partnership.

Both by organising business events, as well as by the services of B2B Public Relations it offers, Business Mark sets out to fulfil the demands of its partners by communication and promotion strategies that are centred on business matchmaking and the creation of development opportunities.

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