Teaha Management Consulting becomes the affiliated partner of the international network mgi

MGI, the greatest international alliance on the market of independent financial and fiscal consulting is launched in Romania, as well. In this alliance, our country is represented by TEAHA MANAGEMENTCONSULTING, a company that has been set up in 1997 and has at present 100 employees who generate a turnover of ca. 2 M euro and operational offices in Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara, Sibiu, Brasov and Chisinau.

The signing of the affiliation contract has come as a natural step after a previous collaboration between the two parties and shall take the form of a strategic alliance, based on which the local company shall benefit from the international expertise of the network.

The affiliation of TEAHA MANAGEMENT CONSULTING to the prestigious international network offers the local clients access to one of the greatest global networks of independent financial and accounting consultants and thus ensures them of the entire support for the development of their business to a highly competitive level. At the same time, this offers international clients more opportunities for the planning and implementation of their businesses in the Eastern and Central Europe.

“Our decision to conclude a partnership with the company Teaha Management Consulting was based on a series of reasons. First, the entrepreneurial initiative of Mr. Corneliu Teofil Teaha in 1997 was a very daring action, which became a recipe for success. Apart from that, the client portfolio, the team of experts and exceptional business achievements have been the other important reasons.” declared Mr. Clive Viegas Bennet, mgi European Executive Director.

“We intend to persuade as many as possible local and international clients who carry out complex projects to choose standardized financial and fiscal services, which offer a major advantage: a quick implementation of every project at an international level”, added Jan Nygaard, Chairman of the mgi European Area Coordinators.

The affiliation process lasted more than a year, during 2009 and 2010. In Romania, the representatives of mgi carried out a selection process at the level of the entire country, which was concluded by choosing the company that was considered to have the highest development potential.

Corneliu Teofil Teaha, Managing Partner of TEAHA MANAGEMENT CONSULTING, emphasizes the competitive advantages that are brought to the Romanian clients by this affiliation: “We are simply proud of our strategic affiliation to mgi. We cannot feel otherwise than honoured that the work standards we have imposed as a 100% Romanian company fulfil the quality requirements of this international network. In our new capacity, we can offer our clients the know-how and experience of one of the largest global networks of independent consultants from the field of financial and accounting services, which shall help them reach their business goals by a business concept that is compliant with international quality standards”. “Also, it is very gratifying that our expert team will have access to trainings and opportunities of professional development, which shall lead to a consistent improvement of our clients’ results, as they will be up to date with the newest trends on a global level”, concluded Corneliu Teofil Teaha.

TEAHA MANAGEMENT CONSULTING is the first company of the Teaha group. This company was incorporated in 1997, by Corneliu Teofil Teaha. It is the biggest financial and accounting consulting company with a fully Romanian capital and it owns a market share of about 2%, in the context in which over 80% of the market in this field if owned by the “big four”. During its over 10 years of activity, the company has undergone a remarkable development. At present, it prides itself with a turnover of ca. 2 million euro. The company is active by means of a network of associated companies from Bucharest, Cluj, Sibiu, Brasov and Timisoara and has about 100 employees. Teaha Management Consulting is auditor of the Swiss-Romanian Commerce Chamber and of the Romanian Club of German Businesspersons.

mgi is one of the greatest international alliances on the market of independent financial and fiscal consulting. It was founded in 1947 and it is present in 80 countries, by 288 local offices. The companies that are affiliated to mgi are generally medium-sized businesses with excellent knowledge of their local markets.

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