Stamp is no longer required

The Official Gazette no. 540, dated July 20, 2015 included the Government Ordinance no. 17/2015 regarding the regulation of tax and budget measures and completion of normative deeds.

As a result, natural persons, juristic persons governed by private law as well as businesses with no legal form are not bound anymore to append any stamp on:

  • statements, affidavits, applications or any other documents that are filed with public institutions or authorities;
  • documents or any other pieces of writing issued in relation to them.

Upon the date when the Government Ordinance 17/2015 entered into force, all legal provisions were abrogated regarding the obligation of appending a stamp, which was incumbent to the entities mentioned above.

We kindly point out that if a business intends to use the stamp further on, this is exclusively its option and no one can compel a business to append a stamp on any document, unless they want to.

The rule does not apply to juristic persons of public law, which have to stamp the documents they issue, according to the rules that apply at present.

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