There is no company that is not subject to complicated accounting rules, which can shun audits, financial analyses and reports or which is free from the pedantry of financial and accounting experts. This is the field where your duty can become our responsibility. In case you prefer to get help in keeping the books, if you need support in the field of finance or accounting or if you get entangled in overwhelming paperwork, we are here for you. Our colleagues have devoted their work to all those matters mentioned above.

“Did you know that the first books were kept during 3000 b. C., when Sumerian writing appeared? During those times, the writer used to put down the names of the parties involved, their liabilities and the objects they traded, all these with a sharp wooden pencil on a wet plate made of clay. The parties would sign and prove this way that data were correct.”

Our daily accounting has little to do with the bookkeeping that was practised 5000 years ago. Nevertheless, to pursue this profession nowadays means a lot of work, attention to details, determination and concentration, continuous learning, legalese, forms, figures, again figures and then even more figures and last, but not least, creativity.

There is no contradiction! At Teaha Management Consulting, creativity comes from figures and this is very important for what we do day in, day out, as well as for the way we communicate. We are always looking for the simplest solution. Firsthand communication is one of our precepts and this is why it is very easy to work with us. Our clients feel this from the first contact with us, as we are always good-humoured and we do our job with passion.

Corneliu Teofil Teaha is since 1997 sole associate and general manager of Teaha Management Consulting. He is also a majority shareholder of the insurance brokerage company Teaha Asigurari and a chairman of the credit union “Creditul  ...Read more>>>

Carmen Mihaela Simion has been a Senior Partner Teaha Management Consulting since 2005. Among her responsibilities, we can mention the following: management of communication with clients and the expert team of the company... Read more>>>

Anca Niculae is from this year on the Manager of the Payroll Department, position in which she coordinates the remuneration and staff management. She offers specialized assistance regarding the Labour Law, remuneration and the tax system of the ... Read more>>>

Mihai Mareş joined Teaha Management Consulting in September 2006, as an accountant. Later he was appointed Junior Consultant and then promoted as Advisor. Today he is an Accounting manager. Mihai is a graduate of the Academy of Business Studies ... Read more>>>

Cornelia Dan joined Teaha Management Consulting in September 2005, as an accountant. Later she was appointed Junior Consultant and then promoted as Consultant. Today she is an Accounting Manager. Cornelia is a graduate of the Academy of Business ... Read more>>>

Alina Teaha is member of Teaha Management Consulting since its set-up. Today she manages the HR activities of the company and she takes care that the right person is always in the right place. Together with the other members of the management ...                Read more>>>