Our Story

The company was set up by Corneliu Teofil Teaha in 1997, soon after Romania had undergone a political turn. Its main goal was to deduct input VAT for gas, car repairs and other similar expenses. Nevertheless, after a short time, the company extended its fields of expertise and competence and increased its customer portfolio especially among German and Austrian investors.

At that time, there were five enthusiastic employees who worked in a 60 m2 office. Nowadays, our team in Bucharest alone is of about 50 employees who enjoy the facilities and the atmosphere of a modern office of about 600 m2, located in Green Gate Offices.

The specialists of our multidisciplinary team have deep know-how in the fields of finance, accounting, marketing, IT, mergers and acquisitions, economy and many others and their expertise can be put to the client’s use anytime.

Owing to the competence of our teams and quality of our services, we have managed to win as clients companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland that are known worldwide.

Apart from that, our services are targeted and supplied to very variable business fields, which range from wholesale to building industry, software development and textile industry and further to real estate and other branches of trade and industry. Summing up, our client’s investments exceed 350M euros in Romania.

Our six offices in Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara, Brasov and Sibiu and our widely ramified network of partners from our homeland and abroad guarantee our clients that we are present everywhere in Romania where German is spoken.