Credit Market IFN SA is a financial institution, a so-called “non-bank”. It has been incorporated and approved by the National Bank of Romania in February 2009. Credit Market offers a wide range of financial products and services:

  • For natural persons who need short-term credits for solving their urgent problems and turn to a non-bank, because of quicker and lesser bureaucratic processes
  • For natural persons who need credits in very small amounts and are not granted such credits by other credit institutions
  • For pensioners who need microcredits for a short time, for which the access to the services of a non-bank are the easiest, quickest and simplest financing way
  • For freelancers or self-employed persons who need microcredits for a short time, for example in order to solve a liquidity problem
  • For small and medium-sized enterprises, for a short-term financing of their business.

Among our financial products and services, we can mention:

Granting of credits to natural persons, i. e.:       

  • Credits for personal needs
  • Credits for acquiring consumer goods
  • Credits for the acquisition of automobiles, motorcycles and bicycles
  • Credits for refurbishment and / or reparation of flats
  • Credits for purchase of building materials and sanitary installations

Granting of credits to self-employed persons and companies, such as:

  • credits for the financing of the ordinary business activity
  • credits for investment
  • finance for raw materials
  • finance for discount of bills
  • factoring
  • forfeiting
  • issue of guarantees
  • consulting (evaluation of chattels and real estate to be admitted as credit guarantee)
  • collection of bills or liabilities

As regards the terms of our credits, these can be offered for short term (less than one year) or for medium term (between 1 and 3 years).


Tel: (+40)-21-332.54.79