Specific tax returns 2020

January 15th

Statement 700 is submitted online for the change of the fiscal period to VAT.

Case 1: The fiscal period for VAT in 2019 was the calendar month

If at 31.12.2019 the turnover is up to 477,850 lei cumulative with the fact that you did not have an intra-Community acquisition of goods made in 2019, you must modify the fiscal period in the quarter by Statement 700.

Case 2: The fiscal period for VAT in 2019 was the quarter

If at 31.12.2019 the turnover is over 477,850 lei, you must modify the fiscal period per month by Statement 700.

If at 31.12.2019 the turnover is below 477,850 lei and you have not performed AIC of goods in 2019, you will no longer submit Statement 700 but you will submit Statement 094 until January 27, 2020.

Attention! The taxable persons who had in the previous year as LUNA fiscal period because they performed AIC of goods, will also have LUNA for the current year.

How do you determine the turnover? Gather the rows per collected from D300 (including adjustments except intracommunity acquisitions (AIC) and compare the collected base with the limit of 477,820 lei (100,000 EURO).

27th January

Statement 094. This can only be deposited at the counter. If you have companies that belong to local administrations, you should know that you can only submit it to the local administration. The statement is filed by the VAT paying companies with the fiscal period in the quarter, which did not have AIC of goods and did not exceed the turnover determined according to art. 310 the Fiscal Code, respectively 477,850 lei.

Statement 097. This can only be submitted at the counter. It is a Statement on the VAT system at collection. It is deposited both for entering the system and for leaving. The entry into the system is optional but the exit once the limit is exceeded is mandatory.

For entering the VAT system at the collection – I do not exceed the limit of 2,250,000 lei and I did not apply the system last year.

For the exit from the VAT system at collection – if we exceeded the limit of 2,250,000 lei.

How do you determine the turnover? Gather the rows per collected from D300 (including adjustments but without intra-community acquisitions) and compare the collected basis with the limit of 2,250,000 lei.

Statement 100 for the declaration of dividends distributed in 2019 but not raised in 2019. Statement of the tax on the income of micro-enterprises. Not to declare the income tax, the fourth quarter is included in D101.

Statement 107 is submitted by the micro-enterprises that sponsored in 2019

31st January

Statement 205. It is submitted for the income from dividends, interest, income from the liquidation of the company, from prizes, gambling, other sources. It is not deposited for income from wages.

Statement 207 on the incomes of non-residents.

The simple payment of dividends, interest, royalties, commissions, liquidation income legal person, generates the obligation to submit the amount paid to the tax on the incomes of non-residents. When providing services, it matters whether they are provided in Romania or not. If they are rendered in Romania, they are subject to non-resident income tax. The exception are the consulting and management services that are subject to the tax on the incomes of the non-residents even if they are NOT provided on the Romanian territory. The taxation is made according to the presentation of a Certificate of fiscal attestation, valid at the date of payment, Houses in which the Convention for the avoidance of double taxation is applied. If it does not present a fiscal attestation certificate, the provisions of the Fiscal Code apply

Statement 207 includes all taxable income, even if no tax was withheld, the income is exempt. See the services provided by Google, Facebook, etc., these are not stated in D207, but you must have the tax residency certificate.

Statement 700 for the modification of the fiscal period in D112.

Statement 112 is filed monthly, but by exception, it can be filed quarterly.

In order to file Quarterly 112, the following conditions must be fulfilled, depending on the legal form:

– associations, foundations, other entities without patrimonial purpose, can opt for the quarter;

– legal entities paying tax on profit in the previous year have a total income of less than 100,000 euros and an average number of up to 3 employees;

– the legal entities paying micro tax have an average number of up to 3 employees;

– Self-employed person, (PFA), II must have personnel employed on the basis of the individual employment contract. There is no other condition here. Art. 80 CF.

25th February 25th

Statement 101 by which the profit tax for the previous year is declared and paid. It is deposited by the non-governmental organizations (ONG) and the taxpayers who obtain a majority income from the cereal crop, the technical plants, and the potato, orchard, and viticulture.

In D101 the revenues related to the non-profit activity are recorded in non-taxable income, and the related expenses are recorded in expenses related to non-taxable income.

28th February

Statement 108 – Annual Representation Tax Statement. The tax on representation for a fiscal year is 18,000 lei.

March 2

Statement of inactivity. If you have not had activity since the establishment until December 31, 2019, you submit an Inactivity Statement. It is submitted online.

15th March

Unique statement. You will declare the actual income realized in 2019 and the anticipated one for 2020. You have until this date also the obligation to pay the amounts established by the unique Statement filed last year.

25th March

Statement 101. is submitted by the companies paying tax on profit.

Statement 107 is submitted by corporate tax payers who sponsored in 2019.

31st March

Statement 700 for the transition from profit to micro, in case of a turnover of less than 1,000,000 euros, respectively 7,779,300 lei and if you do not fit the exceptions.

29th April

Balance sheet ONG. See here: Working procedure for NGOs – monograph, statements, balance sheet. Procedură de lucru pentru ONG – monografie, declarații, bilanț.

29th May

Balance sheet commercial companies.