New rules on granting sponsorships for corporate tax payers

Profit taxing entities will deduct sponsorships only if the beneficiary is enrolled, at the date of the contract in the Register of Cult – Entities / Units for which tax deductions are granted. This Register is organized by A.N.A.F. , is public and is displayed on the website of this institution. Entry in this register will be made at the request of the entity if certain conditions provided for by Law 30/2019 are met. These provisions will apply from April 1, 2019.

«(41) The register of Cult – entities / establishments for which tax deductions are granted shall be organized by A.N.A.F., as established by order of the President of A.N.A.F. The register is public and is displayed on the A.N.A.F. Enrollment in the Register of Cult- Entities / Establishments for which tax deductions are granted shall be made on the basis of the entity’s request if the following conditions are met cumulatively at the date of submission of the application:

a) carries out activity in the field for which it was established on the basis of a
declaration on its own responsibility;
b) has fulfilled all tax declaratory obligations provided by law;
c) has no outstanding tax obligations to the general consolidated budget, older than 90 days;
d) submitted the annual financial statements, provided by the law;
e) has not been declared inactive, according to art. 92 of the Fiscal Procedure