Ministry of Finance and ANAF, measures to support the business environment in the current context

The Ministry of Public Finance and The National Tax Authorities (ANAF) have envisaged a wide range of measures to support the business environment in the current context, with the following priorities being established

  • no interest and delay penalties for the due fiscal obligations starting with the date of entry into force of the emergency and unpaid ordinance up to 30 days after the cessation of the state of emergency are not calculated and due
  • these fiscal obligations are not considered as outstanding fiscal obligations
  • the measures of enforced execution by appropriation of the budgetary debts are suspended or not initiated, with the exception of the enforced executions which are applied for the recovery of the budgetary debts established by judicial decisions pronounced in criminal matters. The measures to suspend the forced execution by default on the following amounts representing income and money availability are applied, through the effect of the law, by the credit institutions or third parties, without other formalities from the fiscal bodies;

These fiscal measures shall cease within 30 days of the cessation of the state of emergency.

The government, in its meeting on Wednesday, decided to adopt these measures.

Considering that the Ministry of Public Finance has launched a comprehensive program for guaranteeing and subsidizing loans for small and medium enterprises

(IMMs), in order to support the private environment and especially the sectors hit hard by the crisis caused by the COVID-19 virus, but also the measure to to reimburse the VAT as urgently as possible to ensure the flow of capital, capital injections to companies, and in order to receive a reimbursement, the companies must have an updated fiscal situation, it was decided to renounce the proposal to extend the deadline for filing declarations.

The management of the Ministry of Public Finance and ANAF assures taxpayers that exceptional cases and reasoning for delays in filing declarations will be treated with all the openness and indulgence provided by law.

Emergency Ordinance no. 29/2020 was published in the Official Gazette no. 230 of 21.03.2020.