Clearing of invoices through IMI

In accordance with art. 2 paragraph (1) of Annex 1 of the Government Decision no. 685/1999 for the approval of Methodological Norms regarding the monitoring of the outstanding debts of the taxpayers, legal persons, in order to reduce the financial blockage and the losses from the economy, taxpayers, legal persons, are obliged to connect through the INTERNET or use the magnetic support (diskettes) to transmit only the data of the ITM (Data Management and Information Management Institute) database only for payments over 30 days but with a value exceeding 10.000 lei.

For invoices corresponding to these conditions, are the following information valid:

a) the tax code of the reporting legal entity;

b) the tax code of the creditor / debtor legal entity to which the payer has to pay / receive;

c) the number and date of issue of the invoice by the creditor / debtor legal entity;

d) the amount of the invoice to be collected by the reporting legal entity from the beneficiary legal person;

e)the amount of the invoice to be paid by the reporting entity to the supplier.

The site you need to log in and get the password as later to upload the data above is The access password is obtained by sending an email to:  service together with the copy of the registration certificate on which the “cf. the original” is written, signed and stamped by the unit management (names as clear), to write the password you want, max 10 characters, capital letters. You will receive an answer after the account is operational.

Load offending bills online. This operation must be done by each partner. Invoices loaded by only one partner will be colored in red, and after loading and the other partner confirms, the color will be green. Each partner has his / her user and password. Confirmation of billing is done by unique registration code.

The partners must present themselves at the IMI headquarters with the following documents: empowerment of the designated person, employee’s certificate, copy of the identity card, compensation order, decision of the administrator regarding the beach of specially issued documents for the year of compensation numbers).  It is imperative that the two representatives of the companies be present and sign the clearing protocol. Each lists from the program which loaded the partner into the system and will counter the compensation orders.

Clearing orders can be completed at IMI. If there are many bills to compensate, it is not written on the back but the IMI list is attached.

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